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“It takes just seconds to destroy trust, but a lifetime to get it back.”


That’s all I’ve got.

This was my first book that was M/M/M and one by Sloane Kennedy but Finding Hope was so much more than that. It was about reinventing and finding yourself, being happy, making new family out of your friends.

Now before we go any forward, there will be triggers in this book that’s not for everyone. There’s mention of suicide, abuse and depression. Brody, Quinn, and Beck. The three men who meet by chance at a bar and than are together again when they see they’d be working together.

As much as this story was about love, it was also so much more about Beck who had to overcome so many things in order to be happy.

And let me tell you, I sobbed.

And sobbed even more.

crying photo: Love crying tumblr_lktblkcz581qc0shi.gif

And that ending was absolutely worth every tear I had shed. It was magical, wonderful, and filled with so much happiness. This book had every single emotion you could imagine.

“It’s not as hard as you thought, is it?” Callan asked.
The question confused me so I tore my eyes from Beck and Brody to look at him. “What is?”
“Loving two men at the same time.”

I went outside of my comfort zone and it was worth everything that I had to go through to get here. If you have ever read a M/M and need someone outside of your zone, than definitely give this book a try. There are no words to describe how much I loved this.

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