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Hey guys, welcome to my blog!! <3

This is where I tell you bit about myself or at least try to lol because I’m not sure what you’d like to hear and I’m not exactly good at talking about myself. First any foremost, my name is Sanaa. I am a 22 year young women living in Toronto, Ontario. I started reading in 2012 but didn’t get heavily into it until the beginning of 2014 when I read Twilight and Fifty Shades. That’s what originally started my love for romance books.

Once I got into books, I started to look at different blogs to see what good and what they’re reading to get my inspiration for my current and future read. That and fact that I love review and talk books with everyone in the community are what gave me the inspiration to start blogging in April 2015.

I don’t really have many friends that read – which sucks – except for the ones that I’ve made in the book world after I started blogging and reviewing and I’m sure many could relate with that lol so its really nice interacting with people that you know like the same books as you and have discussions with them. So if you just want to talk weather it’s about books or not, my ear is always open to everyone <3

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About Sanaa

I'm a 22 year old blogger and reviewer of Happily Ever Afters. I started reading in 2012 and have not stopped ever since! Welcome and I hope you enjoy my little book corner.


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