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5+ ‘D+V=∞’ stars.

“Sometimes you just need one person to make you feel like you fit in this world.”

You know when you read a book so good, that there’s just no words that will do it justice? That’s how I kind of feel about A Worthy Man. I don’t really have a word or sentence to tell you how much I loved this book. How much it broke me but than put me back together ten times stronger.

In a nutshell, Vann and Dray are two halves of a whole. Literally. They just really worked. It was incredible reading about how in tune they were to each other. To see how much they loved each other, despite everything.

“The only positive of being away from you for so long is that I now get to enjoy falling for you all over again.”

There’s a bit of angst and I really enjoyed that. The story flowed so effortlessly between past and present. I loved reading the letters, I thought that was a wonderful touch to the story.

As for the characters themselves, holy hell! I cannot fall more in love with them more than I already do. Dray is the more romantic one in the relationship and I totally swooned. So. Hard. He has captured half of my heart while Vann took the other half with his tough personality but big heart.

Drayton always made him feel as if he fit. When he was with Drayton, nothing else mattered and any differences between them always faded.

I haven’t read the first 4 books in the series, but if they are anything like A Worthy Man when it comes to writing, I cannot wait to go back and read them. Jamie has officially become a one-click author for me.

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